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5 star reviews!


Live review sessions of

EXACT class content!

Over the years...

Inspiring youth and instilling curiosity 

This is not tutoring.

It is a safe-haven, comfortable place for youth to open up, shine and be curious.

Our students do not require help in their subjects, they require direction. 

They are here because they yearn for a deeper understanding.


In fact, working with valedictorians, class presidents, and top 2% students is not uncommon. Today, our students have made an impact & contribution to society in the passions they pursued - tech, medicine, or business - because they love what they do.


The youth of today has had more information accessible to them than the youth of 20 years ago. Technology has drastically evolved in the last two decades and will do so in the coming years. Establishing a level playing field is imperative for productivity & we realize that.

We have a holistic, yet open view. Experience speaks for itself.


Being life-long learners, we cherish fruitful exchanges and productive engagements that progress humanity. We understand "modern" students & given the rate of technological advancement, it is a necessity.

This is why Students look forward to our sessions & why we rarely do any marketing!

Bhaavan M., 

Alpharetta High

Axis provided an excellent teacher. My tutor never gave up on me. Without his persistence, I would not be where I am today.

 “Awesome teacher who literally knows everything. I am very impressed and pleased each time I am tutored because I learn so much. Not only do I simply learn, I learn in an extremely fun way. My physics grade has increased significantly and I could not ask for a better teacher.”

Billy Y.,

North Gwinnett High

“Axis provided an amazing 1-on-1 service and helped me get a 98 in Calculus AB. “

Rohan S.,

Northview High 


Personalized, school-specific education

We offer Personalized education - 1 on 1 or group tutoring for all STEM classes, SAT/ACT exams, College application counseling and essay writing. Through our products such as, we offer school-specific education and group review/study sessions before next exam in school! Need to review before your next test? Check out BatchLearn!

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